On Wednesday 10th October, pupils from Gatehouse Primary School were shown around our Dumfries store. From Monday 8th – Friday 12th October, this particular week is the ‘World of Work Week’, which has been introduced to help raise children’s awareness about the opportunities they will have when they reach working age. It is also aimed to help develop innovative and creative skills.

Duncan, Store Manager, walked around the shop floor explaining the various areas of the store and what we sell.  James, Deputy Store Manager, spoke about Animal Health and the different medicine options and what these do.  Colin Scott, Warehouse Operative, was questioned by the children and asked to show all the different feeds for animals and lastly, Tam in the Blending Shed spoke about the various raw materials and what he does to make up a blend!

Once the site tour was completed, the children were then asked to identify and match up the raw material samples to the by-product/processed material and what country it has come from. It was a challenging task but they did very well! Each ingredient was explained and why it’s used in an animals diet with the children then creating their own ‘blend’.

We were pleased to have supported the ‘World of Work Week’ and it was great to show the children the various areas to our business and the career opportunities they can have with Tarff.