Every couple of years, United Farmers (UF) host a supplier event for staff of UF members to attend to get a better understanding of the products within the UF product range, Country UF.

On Tuesday 28th May, a number of Tarff staff members headed to Edinburgh to meet suppliers at the UF event to find out more about the various products on offer. Country UF is a range of own-label products that have been designed with the aim of providing the best, most practical products for the best possible price. Using this ethos United Farmers has delivered over 300 products to market in areas such as animal feeds, animal health and farm retail.

Did you know? Tarff Valley was one of the founding members of United Farmers when it was formed in 1971!

If you would like to find out more about Country UF products, speak to a member of staff in your local Tarff Valley branch.