The significant labour shortage in the agricultural sector continues to be a worry for the industry and it is vital that young people are made aware of the career opportunities within the Land-Based sector.

Tarff Valley has been working hard over the last few years to initiate educational pathways in agriculture in order to promote the sector. Following the success of the Pre-Apprenticeship Programme, a 6-month paid work experience for young people on farms, and the introduction of Modern Apprenticeships in Agriculture run through Tarff Services, the team has been busy working to introduce a National Progression Award (NPA) to senior phase school pupils.

The business has secured approval from SQA to roll out a NPA for S4, S5 & S6 school students. The course is titled ‘Investigation of Modern Agriculture’, which provides students with a blended learning approach to get a feel for the agricultural environment, involving both lessons at school and trips to local farms for a more hands on perspective. Members of staff from Tarff Valley who specialise in particular subject areas such as Nutrition and Agronomy will assist in the learning process by hosting talks on farms and in the classroom. This will involve practical demonstrations, which will play a part in the academic learning. The course is a great introductory scheme and is suitable for students who are keen to develop their knowledge of the industry. The NPA runs across the academic year and is an ideal way to kickstart a career within the sector. On completion of the NPA, students have several educational pathways (e.g Pre-Apprenticeship, Modern Apprenticeship) to choose from through Tarff Services, Tarff Valley’s services division.

Tarff Valley is committed to ensuring that young people are aware of the opportunities available within a nationally important industry and to supporting youngsters considering a career within the sector.

For more information about Tarff Services educational pathways, call 01557 820247 or email