Tarff Blends

At Tarff we pride ourselves on a range of ‘no-nonsense’, high quality blends for every occasion and dietary requirement.  Whether you are feeding high yielding dairy cows, suckler cows, bull beef, calves, sheep or lambs, Tarff has a blend to suit your particular needs.  Blends are created to ensure your animals are attaining the correct dietary intakes and our in-house Nutritionist is on hand to guide and advise on any specific requests that you may have.

Our blends comprise the highest quality raw materials and are blended on our own premises.  Blends are available for delivery in bulk loads, either tipped or blown, from a minimum of 3 tonnes to full artic loads.  Our blends can also be delivered in 1 tonne or ½ tonne tote bags, as well as in 25kg bags.

A range of delivery vehicles ensures that individual delivery needs can be accommodated.  It is important to advise us of any specific delivery issues when placing an order.

Calf Blends

Baby Calf

Suckled Calf

Calf Rearer

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Sheep Blends

RKG Lamb Finisher

Ewe/Lamb Blend

Superblend Sheep

Select Ram Mix

Trophy Tup Mix

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Beef Blends

Superblend Cattle

Superblend Beef 50

Trophy Bull Mix

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*Legal Disclaimer – Product appearance may vary from photographs due to changes in raw material sources.