Soya Bean Meal – IMSA

DRY MATTER (%) 87.0 STARCH (%) 4.6
CRUDE PROTEIN (%) 47.0 SUGAR (%) 10.5
ME (MJ/kg) 13.4 STARCH & SUGARS (%) 15.1
CRUDE FIBRE (%) 5.8 FME (MJ/Kg) 12.7
OIL (%) 1.7 NDF (%) 13.9

Typically fed to: Ruminants and non-ruminants

Soya bean meal is probably the best quality vegetable protein source used across the world.  95% of the nitrogen present is true protein making it ideal for all livestock.  The oil present in soya has some degree of rumen protection and therefore can enhance milk yield and quality.

Processing: crushed to produce three main products, oil, meal and hulls

*All analysis quoted are on a Dry Matter basis.