Introducing our New Feed Range

Our Rosette Range has been specially formulated using only the finest ingredients to offer the livestock producer a selection of premium quality blended feeds. Designed with pedigree cattle and sheep breeders in mind, the Rosette Range has all the attributes to enhance performance through the growing and finishing stages of show and sale preparation

The range entails a three stage feeding regime for cattle and sheep

Rosette Cattle Stage 1

Rosette Cattle Stage 2

Rosette Cattle Stage 3

Rosette Sheep Stage 1

Rosette Sheep Stage 2

Rosette Sheep Stage 3

Trophy Tup

Trophy Bull

Calf Glint

Rosette Mash

Hear from our customers…

Champion Texel
Royal Highland Show 2019

“I use ‘Trophy Tup’ which is one of the original ‘Rosette’ feeds. Since introducing ‘Trophy Tup’ to my shearlings, they have fleshed out better and the shine on their hair and skins has improved. When I first started looking at an alternative to my previous feed, I wanted something with extra palatability to offer me flexibility and control over intakes. I spoke to Ian Houston, Senior Nutritionist at Tarff, and he advised me to try ‘Trophy Tup’. Ian has helped develop the feed to suit my requirements and I’m delighted how the feed has performed and how the sheep have bloomed. I also feel that I don’t need to feed excessive amounts to the get the results that I’m looking for—a little goes along way! Not only has the technical advice from Tarff proved beneficial but I’m pleased to be supporting a local company which is right on our doorstep!  I was over the moon (and still am!) with the results from this year’s Royal Highland Show and how our sheep turned out. Overall, I’m happy with the feed and will certainly continue to use it!”
– Brian MacTaggart, Douganhill

Champion Limousin Heifer
McNeil, Shennanton
Wallets Mart October 2018

“We’ve been feeding ‘Rosette’ Cattle Stage 2 since it was launched in May 2018. Our Sales Representative, Henry McTeir, suggested that we had a trial of the feed and we’ve never looked back since. When you open the bag, the feed smells good, looks attractive and judging by the response from the animals, it’s clearly very palatable! Since moving to the Rosette range, our calves come to the feed more quickly and we’ve seen a big difference in liveweight gains. The shine on the calves coats is better than ever and overall they display great bloom. In October 2018 at Wallets Marts annual show and sale of spring born suckled calves in Castle Douglas, we topped the market and won the Championship with a black Limousin cross heifer, which was fed on Rosette Cattle Stage 2. The ‘Rosette’ range has met with all our requirements and exceeded expectations. It’s good value for money, our animals like it and it works for us.”
– Edward McNeil, Shennanton

Finlay, Blackcraig
Reserve Champion Galloway
Royal Highland Show 2019 (not pictured)

“I became aware of the ’Rosette’ Range when our friends told us about it and we saw how well their beasts were performing. Since then, we’ve trialled the feed and have continued to feed ‘Rosette’ Cattle Stages 2 & 3 to our heifers and bulls. I personally feel that it’s good value for money and you don’t need to feed a large amount to see the results. The feed does exactly what it says! The physical quality of the feed is consistent and very palatable and there’s nothing left when it’s put in front of them. One thing that has been noted is the improvement in skin and coat health, it’s better than it’s ever been. The feeding procedure which we usually follow is to start feeding the following years show team on Stage 2 and in the run up to shows and sales, we gradually introduce Stage 3 to give them that extra finish and shine. The feeding meets our requirements and because of the response from the cattle, we’re starting to consider using the ‘Rosette’ sheep range. Not only is this feed working for us but it’s great that we’re supporting a local company.”
– Iain Finlay, Blackcraig

Champion Ryeland
Carsfad Ryelands
Royal Highland Show 2019

“I have used all three stages, starting with Stage 1 to feed lambs which I then moved onto Stage 3 closer to show time. I felt Stage 3 adds that extra finish onto my show team and have been extremely happy with how the sheep have performed. I found the lambs very easy to get eating Stage 1 which I feel is of great importance as it gives them a chance to grow for the show and sale ring. Due to the mild winter, I only moved the show sheep onto Stage 3 from mid-February onwards. As soon as I started them on the feed we started to noticed a difference. Getting closer to show time, we mixed Stage 2 & 3 together to get that extra finish and the results from the ring speaks for itself. I decided to try Tarff’s ‘Rosette’ Range when it was first brought it out as I thought it was good to see the company developing a range for pedigree breeders and I believe in supporting local companies. I also found the ‘Rosette’  Range is very keenly priced against many competitors. All in all, I have never seen my sheep as forward at this stage as they are this year and with slightly less feeding.”
– Andrew Hunter-Blair, Carsfad Ryelands