By offering your knowledge, skills and guidance to a young person at the beginning of their career, you will have a lasting impact on the learner, setting the foundations for the rest of their life.

As a mentor, you will encourage development by ‘doing and showing’ ensuring effective transfer of knowledge. It’s all about encouraging and supporting an individual to help them make the most of themselves, to prepare them for work and to set out clear guidelines as to how they should behave and perform at work.

Throughout your time as a mentor, you will have continuous support and training provided. A representative from Tarff will visit and evaluate how the programme is working for you and your Pre-Apprentice.


As Tarff is acting as the employer, you (the mentor) would not be required to register with HMRC as an employer or deal with PAYE*.

Tarff will charge out a charge rate of £7.75 per hour (up to 40 hours worked) to the mentor. The Pre-Apprentice pay rate will be £5.95 per hour (2022). However, the hourly invoice rate, governed by the SAWB, includes an accrual for the Working Time Directive holiday pay, pension contributions & statutory NI charges where applicable.

An overtime charge rate of £10.00 per hour will apply for the mentor. The Pre-Apprentice will receive a pay rate of £8.93 per hour (based on £5.95p/hr pay rate). Overtime rate will apply after working in excess of 8 hours on any day and in excess of 48 hours in any week (OT rate of 1.5 times the standard rate of pay is applicable).

*Pay Rates 2022