Tarff Services is pleased to announce the launch of its utility buying partnership with GO Low Carbon, a team of local energy consultants who offer access to cheaper, greener gas electricity.

GO Low Carbon have already had notable success in the Tarff Services trading area, including a significant 11% saving on a Dumfries based farmers electricity renewal.

In the last 12 months, GO Low Carbons customers saved over £680,000 thanks to their exclusive rates and avoided the hassle of trying to negotiate with energy suppliers. With rates changing daily and more than 25 suppliers offering 80 different tariffs, it’s difficult to know what a good deal looks like.

As part of their no-obligation service, GO Low Carbon search the market before putting forward the most suitable and competitive tariffs for your needs, all without charge. Instead, Go Low Carbon take a commission from your chosen energy supplier should you wish to go ahead.

The whole process, from processing the contract paperwork on your behalf through to letting your current supplier know of the changes, is taken care of for you.

More and more pressure is being put on the farming industry to reduce our carbon footprint and questions are now being asked during farm assured audits. In particular we are aware that milk buyers such as Arla are encouraging suppliers to switch to green energy.

Through GO Low Carbon, we can ensure that your contract is sourcing its electricity from renewable sources and will meet any future requirement that your processor requires. Anyone switching to green energy also receives a unique ‘carbon certificate’ stating the reduction on your carbon footprint.

The message is not to wait until your current deal is about to expire but to start looking at your options now – even 12 months ahead if you want to avoid ever increasing energy prices!

If you are interested in finding out more, please call 01557 820247 or speak to our Services Coordinator, Tracey McEwan, on 07785 657861.