Well, today (27th August 2021) marks a special day for Eion Jamieson, our Office Manager at Ringford. After 43 years, Eion is retiring! ⭐

We have so many great things to say about Eion, and we thought it would be an idea to share a short poem about him!

Way back in the 60s was a station at Tarff,
Set high, with the river below,
But now this pastoral scene has changed,

To a hub of commercial flow.

And gradually as the buildings grew,
And staff were settling down,
So many came from far and near,

And folk, curious, from the town.

Now into this mix came a bright young lad,
With a cheerful willing way,
And over the years his knowledge grew,

To sort out the queries each day.

At the pub quiz he’s a master,
And sure is hard to beat,
His encyclopedic knowledge,

Few competitors can meet.

Then we’d always like a Thursday,
‘Cos the soup he’d organise,
There’s a kind heart in this man,

That—no one here denies.

Now Eion feels he must retire,
And get on with his plans,
He loves to travel, see the world,
Hopefully free of covid demands.

Eion, we are really going to miss you,
So full of life and fun,
We wish you every happiness,
And thanks for all you’ve done,
And best wishes for many years to come! 🌟


Eion would like to thank the staff, old and new, for everyone’s help over the years. He’s had a great time and has made some good friends but now it’s time to say, ‘cheerio folks!’