Distillers Dark Grains – Barley

DRY MATTER (%) 90.0 STARCH (%) 2.6
CRUDE PROTEIN (%) 26.0 SUGAR (%) 3.7
ME (MJ/kg) 12.7 STARCH & SUGARS (%) 6.3
CRUDE FIBRE (%) 13.6 FME (MJ/Kg) 9.7
OIL (%) 9.1 NDF (%) 50.3

Typically fed to: Ruminants (generally not used for non-ruminants)

Good protein levels which are high in UDP (undegraded protein) and low in starch.  Do contain copper at 50ppm due to equipment used in the distilling industry.  This may make distillers dark grains unsuitable for some sheep breeds and care should be taken.

Processing: Pelleted

*All analysis quoted are on a Dry Matter basis.