COVID-19: Update 27th March

We are constantly reviewing our policies and procedures regarding the COVID-19 situation. Due to the sheer volume of orders which are being received at all Tarff stores and the pressure on our staff becoming unsustainable, further restrictions are now being put in place.

Regrettably, it has been decided to suspend deliveries and supplies of non-essential goods unless these form part of a larger order consisting of essential items*. Items such as compost or a bag of pasta are examples of non-essential items. As we are running our stores on skeleton staff, we are now unable to fulfil Call and Collect orders that only consist of non-essential items.

To enable our staff to restock, arrange orders and have a break, all stores will be closed between 12 noon— 1pm. We respectfully ask that customers try and avoid contacting us during that time although we will endeavour to answer as many calls as we can.

*Essential items can be broadly classed as animal feed, animal health products, bedding or essential seasonal products.

Thank you for your cooperation.