Benefitting from a dedicated team of experts, cereals form a substantial part of Tarff’s business with thousands of tonnes bought and sold each year.  Tarff trades in all cereal groups and many of these are used in our own specially created blends.

Tarff is able to offer whole grain cereals as well as rolled/bruised, ground or caustic treated.  As with Straights and Blends, Cereals are available for delivery in bulk loads, either tipped or blown, from a minimum of 3 tonnes to full artic loads.  Cereals can also be delivered in 1 tonne or ½ tonne tote bags, as well as in 25kg bags.

Even the most awkward delivery can be accommodated by our range of delivery vehicles.  It is important to advise us of any specific delivery issues when placing an order.





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*Legal Disclaimer – Product appearance may vary from photographs due to changes in raw material sources.