Nutrition is a fundamental aspect to livestock production.  At Tarff we recognise the need to provide professional advice and services to ensure that all nutrients required for animal growth and welfare are met.

Both our nutritionists and Sales Representatives are FAR registered to ensure you receive the best possible advice on your feed requirements.

Our in-house Nutritionists are able to discuss your animal feed requirements and formulate bespoke rations using a specialist ration formulations program.  We take into consideration your management plan and the time of year in order to create a cost effective, balanced ration to ensure maximum performance.

Forage analysis is often the foundation of ration building and acts as an important tool which allows our customers to gain valuable information about their forages.  Your local sales representative or nutritionist can come onto farm to take either a face or core sample of your grass silage, wholecrop, haylage or hay which will then be sent to the lab.  Grass samples can also be taken throughout the growing season.  Once the results are back, your rep can advise, or our nutritionists can create a diet plan specific to your needs.

Either grass or forage samples can be taken and be tested to highlight the mineral levels present in the feedstuff. Reports detail levels of Ca, P, Mg, Na, K, S, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Co, Mo, Al, Se, Cd, As and Pb. The analysis of mineral levels helps to ensure that correct mineral supplementation is being provided which is of growing importance as the complexity of livestock requirements increase.

Grain samples can be tested in house for moisture levels, which are then followed up by one of our team providing advice.  If any other tests are required, the sample can be sent to the labs for further analysis.