We can provide agronomy advice as well as a range of services.  Our agronomists are B.A.S.I.S qualified ensuring that you receive the best possible advice regarding your crops.  We are able to advice on crop production and crop protection and supply solutions for almost any situation.

At Tarff we have Agronomists who are available for crop walking to identify weeds, pests and disease as well as to discuss the ways to optimise crop performance.  We can adopt arable crops onto our agronomy ledger and regularly inspect and advise on the crops process throughout the growing season.

The most important factor effecting the success of crops is seed selection. It is imperative to choose the correct seed for the desired result be it, to graze sheep on upland pastures or produce bumper crops of high yielding silage for dairy cows.  At Tarff we recognise the importance of using high quality seeds at affordable prices.  We therefore offer seed mixture formulations specific to you needs.  We also offer a range called ‘Scottish Leys’ which are specially mixed to suit the Scottish climate and farm types.