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Get a Good Night's Sleep with

Agrimin 247 Calcium Boluses For Dairy Cows

Lincolnshire based bolus specialists Agrimin Ltd, have recently launched Agrimin 24·7 Calcium boluses for dairy cows.

Agrimin 24·7 Calcium boluses are a dietetic feed for the reduction of the risk of milk fever in dairy cows. The boluses help to manage the calcium status of cows during and after calving. The bolus dissolves and supplies calcium within 30 minutes of administration and has an active life of 24-36 hours.

The boluses supply calcium chloride which is rapidly absorbed and also calcium sulphate which is absorbed over a longer period, giving a sustained supply of calcium.

Farmers anxious to improve the management of fresh calvers, particularly in relation to calcium find Agrimin 24·7 Calcium is very effective. They would give a bolus to a cow immediately pre calving and then repeat this process post calving if the cow had cold ears. Farmers report that ease of administration, combined with the knowledge that the cow is being supplied calcium for at least 24 hours are the major benefits. A good night's sleep as a result is an added bonus!

Agrimin 24·7 Calcium boluses are available from Tarff Valley stores in standard packs of 4 boluses with a recommended retail price of 22.00 per pack.

For more information contact Tarff or Agrimin on 01652 688046.

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